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A bear watching tour in Canada

A bear watching tour in Canada typically involves guided excursions into the natural habitat of bears, with the goal of observing them in the wild. Depending on the location and season, you may have the opportunity to see black bears, grizzly bears, or polar bears.



Destination A bear watching tour in Canada
Vehicle, boat and hiking .


  • On your first day, you'll likely arrive at the location where you'll be embarking on your bear watching tour. If you're flying, you may need to arrange transportation to your hotel or tour operator's office. Spend the rest of the day getting settled in and preparing for your tour.
  • Your first full day will likely be spent on a guided bear watching tour. Your tour operator will take you to the best locations for viewing bears in their natural habitat. Depending on the location and season, you may be hiking, taking a boat ride, or even observing bears from a safe distance in a specialized vehicle.
  • On day three, you may want to take a break from bear watching and explore the surrounding area. Depending on your interests, you could participate in cultural activities, such as visiting local museums or art galleries. You could also choose to take part in additional outdoor activities, such as hiking, kayaking, or fishing.
  • On your fourth day, you'll likely head out on a second guided bear watching tour. This is another opportunity to see these magnificent animals in their natural habitat, and possibly observe different behaviors or activities than you did on the first day.
  • Your last day will likely involve packing up and departing your chosen destination. If you have time, you may want to take part in additional activities or sightseeing before your departure.

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